art director

Creator’s Note:

Alicia found her way to me naturally on a referral from a friend. From the very beginning Alicia’s woven her magic, bringing the mirror card images to life. Her intuitive insight into the realms beauty is evident in every phase of the game.

Alicia Beeson


I am Alicia Beeson, owner, artist and editor at xSeedDesign. I was introduced to the Image of Reflection project in the summer of 2010, where I was provided the opportunity to breathe life into the readings through animation techniques. Being very familiar to the practice of Zen, card readings and meditations, I found this project to be very natural for me. By allowing my intuition to lead me through the animations and designs, I was able to provide influential animations that were very well perceived.

I like to think of myself as an emotive designer, where the power of art and purpose come together harmoniously to convey a meaningful message, a message each person will perceive differently, and should because we are all unique. I think this project has really provided that realm for its readers.

It has been a pleasure working with Roger Egner and his beautiful card designs. Each card strikes a chord with me when I relax into them. The Yin Yang is a very powerful symbol, and how it is applied in these cards is, well, divine.

I can’t express enough gratitude for projects like these that bring my life meaning and sense of ownership. I look forward to being a part of this legacy.

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