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Creator’s Note:

Ellen and Aigh met over a kitchen table one evening. As we chatted she heard the depth of the One dying to speak out and up. Hearing some truth spoken aloud for herself she agreed to be my learned guide through the recording of the Realm. Double Virgo’s rarely let go of any-thing, but here Aigh have complete faith in Ellen’s naturally intuitive insights, skills and abilities – truth.

Ellen Rudolph Mednick

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My name is Ellen Mednick and I have more than 25 years of television production experience having worked for some of the finest entertainment programmers in the nation.

When I first started reading portions of Roger’s “Images of Reflection” I realized that this was a project like no other and I determined that I wanted to be a part of bringing it to life. Roger would read passages to me and as his words hit my ears, I could hear the sounds, instruments and melodies in my head that would enhance his message. And Roger could see and feel that as well and thus a partnership of sound and message emerged.

Recording “Images of Refection” was magical. Working with Jesse and Roger at the studio never felt like work, just pure joy. We knew we were doing something important, bringing to the world something desperately needed.

So that’s how a professional TV writer/producer got involved in an ethereal project like “Image of Reflection.” It has changed my life and I look forward to the opportunity to take on more projects like this one… projects that serve the world and make it a kinder, more serene place.

Bring it on.

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