bass riffs

Creator’s Note:

Aigh got to witness first hand the immense intuitive power within a young man come to life. A mirror image of the old man Taylor is One who can accomplish any-thing that sparks his passion. Never shy about teaching himself some-thing new his musical skills are self-evident. His work deepens the realm beyond the mirror appearance of his age. The voice of his old soul sings out through the lyrical expressions woven into the melodies of his bass rhythms. Touching to say the least…

Taylor Egner

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When you’re listening to the pieces, you will hear some original music behind the poetry, which I have contributed as well. All of the music you hear behind my poetry is composed on a 5-string bass guitar with no accompaniment.

I hope you enjoy listening to the bass riffs as much as I did playing and recording them. Music is a very honest sort of expression, it is very communicative. There is a certain energy that is conveyed through music that is mystical in nature; it is expressed in note relationships, which manifest themselves as emotional states in the listener.

I believe this is the true value of art: simple things such as colors or tones can evoke the strongest emotions even though they carry no intrinsic message. How and by what mechanism this occurs is beyond me, as my father would say it’s “not-knoing,” but I like to think it is the body’s response to the Tao, the organizational energy of the universe, that is implicit in the mathematical relationships of notes.

If you like my work and would like to contact me further, feel free to contact me on the social realm, I would love to hear your comments.


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