tibetan singing bowls

Creator’s Note:

Aigh first met Jodi on migh way up the mountain, Aigh was headed with three others to sit with a master named Jun Po. She offered four weary travelers room and board for the night. That was the first time Aigh experienced the vibrational healings of her singing bowls, the mirror waves will set a soul free if you let them. Imagine that…

Jodi Roberts

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Roger asked me to record my ancient Tibetan bowls for his sacred Image of
Reflection project in the year I was recovering from a near death experience.

My musical focus had shifted from collaborations with other musicians back to sound healing. My way of playing music is being the conduit for intention and allowing that to come through my bowls and gongs. Coming from both my shamanic and Zen background the project made sense even when it didn’t make sense!

The language of music speaks beyond words and weaves with words to form a synergistic whole. What came through in the studio was different from anything I had done before…. or since. The music flowed through and went home to Roger, to Image of Reflection, to the realm.

It is an honor to be part of this co-creation and birthing of something so powerful.

I inspire the sacred by creating beauty.

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