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Creator’s Note:

Mirror™ Cards are written to be heard aloud while they are read to one’s self that’s why the sound track and the quality of it is so important. Jesse’s role in capturing the voices and sounds contained in the readings was key to our success in the recording of the soundtrack.

Jesse O’Brien


My name is Jesse O’Brien and I am the Recording Engineer at Colorado Sound Studios who was assigned to work on Image of Reflection project. Starting out, I was not expecting the extent and the magnitude of how large this body of work turned out to be.

The sheer amount of dialog was work enough and once that was all laid down, it was time to record all the sound FX and percussion instruments. We approached this in a very unique and “quality first” approach. Usually with this type of thing, it is quicker, cheaper, and easier to gather all the sound FX from sound libraries that have been pre-recoded. This was not good enough…so we hired a wonderful percussionist and world instrument collector that came to the studio and recorded all his very interesting and cool sounding instruments from around the world.

Now this was great for me as a sound engineer because a lot of the pre-recorded sound many FX producers use are not of the greatest quality which leads to the compromising the project because of it. For Image of Reflection™ we were able to create everything from scratch, our way, which I believe is one of the reasons this website’s soundtrack stands out from all the others. I also highly recommend checking out the full resolution CD’s of the Mirror™ Card readings to get the full effect of the audio quality on this project.

I truly hope you enjoy all the “sites” and “sounds” of the Realm and feel free to check out the studio for further information on the recording process for this and other projects at Colorado Sound Studios.

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