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Creator’s Note:

Zach’s challenge on IoR was to develop two unique environments that are inherently part of a larger whole of some-thing he’d never envisioned before we spoke. And the results… well, it’s migh sense Zach’s intuitive nature lead him beyond what he’d first thought to see the utter simplicity in the beauty of the Realm’s Bazaar. He went on to aptly capture the enduring nature of what CBA is founded on with this site. His work here skillfully speaks for itself.

Zach Nigut

visit: www.zgncreative.com

I am Zach Nigut, founder of ZGN Creative. When Roger approached ZGN Creative with this project I did not understand the true meaning and complexity of The Realm. We were asked to create a visual identity for both The Realm’s Bazaar and The Cast sites. Not being familiar or having studied Zen practices I was a bit intimidated.

As I began designing I was concerned with not being able to visually convey a look and feel that was suitable for the sites. Roger had given us access to some of his readings and cards that I listened to as I worked through the project.

Some designs are “forced” while others seem to happen natural and organically. As I listened to the readings there seemed to be a natural flow with how everything came together. I truly believe that subconsciously the readings helped me create a design that reflected both The Realm and Roger’s vision.

It has been a pleasure working with Roger and I appreciate the opportunity that has presented itself. They say that you learn something new everyday, and this project was no exception. Image of Reflection has opened my eyes to a different way of life and thinking.

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