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Creator’s Note:

As you may come to see, reading these crazy “things” can be a challenge by it-self. When it came time to record the audio, Aigh needed a Yin who could speak a Yang’s writing in a real woman’s voice and naturally sound the part. Not an easy thing to do, but after reading with Doe a few times, it became clear she could find the breath of the Yin’s voice in the cards. Little did we kno then, the number of Yins who would speak up as we began to read into the spirit of the cards.

Doe Kelly

visit: www.doekelly.com

I quite literally “fell into” the Image of Reflection project (a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole!) when a friend and voice student of mine recommended me to Roger Egner, the creator of IoR. Roger needed someone for the “Yin” voice part who could “wrap her mind around” these cards and be able to make sense of something that sometimes seemed to make no sense! He had found the “right” person in me when the first group of readings arrived where, to my delighted surprise, when I began to read them, I felt right “at home.” (I grew up in a house where my father loved to recite the nonsensical poetry of Alice in Wonderland; when I began to read Roger’s pieces aloud, I felt as if I had tumbled into another version of wonder-land, where non-sense “makes sense,” at least sometimes, and where up is down and down is up!)

The pieces are intellectually and spiritually challenging to the reader/listener. During rehearsals, I often asked Roger for an explanation of what he wanted to impart in a piece. Roger’s inimitable style was my teacher until, towards the end, my work began to stand on its own “legs,” as I worked to develop the “right” voices for different moods, hues, meanings, and characters. My spiritual/metaphysical background allowed the readings to “ring true” in me, often mirroring my own experiences and “knowings,” and always returning me to the most basic of “things,” our collectively held experience of the breath.

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