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Roger Egner

Aigh am the Founder & CEO of Crazy Buffalo Adventure, LLC. Years ago I began writing this body of work and as the Mirror™ Cards kept coming so did the realization that it was migh duty and obligation to ensure that the cards get published in the highest possible manifestation of migh capabilities. Little did Aigh foresee then the business it would take to get to this point.

Unable to find a publisher who would talk to me much less have the skill sets to construct some-thing like this, Aigh set out to do “it” for migh-self. Crazy Buffalo Adventure, LLC is the mirror by-product of a man’s journey to fulfill a higher obligation in G_od faith.

Migh notes briefly tell migh story along the way so be sure to visit each of the Cast Member and Affiliate pages. It has taken a work force of very talented Artists, Programmers, Vocalists, Musicians, Producers and Engineers from the United States and abroad to bring this realm to life. As you will see each of these talented souls is gifted in their respective fields. It has been an enlightening experience weaving the human mosaic required to bring the Realm to life.

However, you are the judge of our efforts; that’s why a Score Card is built right into this crazy “thing.” There is no-thing in this world like original works and this is One of them.

As for me well, Aigh come from a place called Eden…

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