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Creator’s Note:

Creator’s Notes: Sumiyo was there at the very beginning of this online odyssey. With her artistic and intuitive skills Sumiyo was able to guide me through the process of putting imaging to the Realm’s existence, which was the start of a four-year journey to get to this point. Behind almost every reading is splash of Sumiyo’s talents. We started out with only One “thing” in mind, that it be beautiful and so “it” has come to be. Imagine that…

Sumiyo Amano

visit: www.designtechstudio.com

My name is Sumiyo Amano and I’m a creative director and owner of Designtech Studio, Inc. a website design and development studio located near Boulder, Colorado, USA.

I was first contacted by Roger in 2007 with a request to work on the project as a designer. The connection with Roger came at the very beginning of the project, which gave both Roger and I the opportunity to brainstorm ways to visually present the work from a “blank slate” perspective. The first few months of the project, I spent my time creating the look and feel of the readings sections, collaborating closely with Roger. Since the initial concept designs, the project has gone through many iterations and upgrades, from addition of audio, video, content, functionality, and involvement of many talented people along the way. It has been a pleasure to assist in making this project a reality for Roger and his entire team.

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